Emergency Planning Requires Food: Here is the Meal Kit to Consider

Three days is short span of time, at least until an emergency strikes. Three days becomes an eternity when the power is out, roads are impassable and the water from the tap is unsafe to drink. The increasing occurrence of severe storms in many areas of the country and the constant threat of a number of other potential situations make it imperative that every citizen prepares for the worst. This is not paranoia, but the recommendations that state and federal emergency management agencies have given to their citizens. The reason is simple. When people are prepared there is less need to rescue them and the efforts of emergency workers is directed to the elderly and the sick or injured. It also saves lives when help is not available.


The easiest way to start any preparedness planning is with a 72 hour food kit. Staying nourished keeps people strong, focused and healthy during their ordeal. This kit provides all of the nutrients an adult would need during a 72-hour period. The food is easy to prepare, lightweight and easy to store. It has a remarkable 25-year shelf life that makes it one of the easiest methods of emergency food storage. People can store the foods in their homes, vehicles or anywhere safe.

Purchasing a 72 hour food kit for every family member will guarantee that there is enough for everyone during any emergency situation. The food is freeze dried, easy to reconstitute with clean water and retains the vitamins and minerals surprisingly well. The flavor is fresh and delicious once it is prepared. Many people purchase these kits to take with them when camping or on boating trips. It is the easiest way to have a nourishing meal available immediately and the packages fit easily into any backpack.

Visit the website at https://secure.72hourfoodkit.com to learn more about the kits and to see the variety of delicious recipes they include. While tasty food is not a priority during an emergency most people prefer to get nourishment from something they enjoy. It is also much easier to convince children to eat a meal that actually tastes good. Read the reviews and discover how easy and affordable preparing for an emergency can be. Consider ordering two kits and use one to sample the food and learn how to prepare it properly. This step helps many people to feel more relaxed about any potential emergency situation because they know they are prepared.